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Features Reporter

Fall 2018 – Present

Hey, I’m Julianne! I am a transfer student. I’m from a little shore town in Keyport, New Jersey, and I will defend my pride for Dirty Jerz until the day I die. When I’m not defending all the great things about New Jersey, you can find me on the soccer field, in a coffeeshop, swinging in a hammock, and basically anything else that can procrastinate my homework.

One of my favorite things to discuss is humanity in its rawest form. There can always be something to learn, be encouraged or be inspired by one another. I also notice that too often people, myself included, will pass by each other with never taking the time to get to know those around them. With interviewing the people of LBC, my hopes are to display transparency that could provoke further conversations and growth within the campus community. Also, I am seeking to provide a platform for those that feel like their stories would have never previously been heard. Everyone is worth it, every story is valuable, and I am beyond excited to attempt to be a part of a difference.

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