Writer: Hannah Wheeler

Hannah Wheeler Bio, Focus


Co-Editor-in-Chief and Think-Piece Reporter

Fall 2018 – Present

Hi, my name is Hannah Wheeler. I am from the sunny – actually, it is quite rainy – state of Florida. Although I am from the state that seems to be pinned as the “home of Disney World,” I have only been to the “happiest place on earth” a handful of times.

I have a wonderful family that stretches across the world. I have relatives in Florida, Columbia and Belgium. I love hearing about different cultures, the stories they each hold and the beliefs they cling to.

I am a student studying Communication. I desire to use the power of the pen to help the unaware become aware and the voiceless gain a voice! I believe that there is one God who created everything and loves each person individually. I believe that He is a good God, even when the world does not seem good. I believe that I am complete in the Creator (God) – whom I give all the glory!

I always enjoy not only talking to but also listening to people. Your thoughts and stories are my passion. I never get bored of listening to, learning about and praying for others.

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