Focus exists to provide the Lancaster Bible College community with credible news that informs and enriches each person’s experience.


To provide the LBC community with accurate and informative insight on occurrences locally, nationally and worldwide.

To educate where there is an information gap
To inspire through the art of storytelling
To communicate with precision and accuracy
To make news real and needed
To give voice to students
To convey messages with honesty
To glorify God by being more cognizant of the world in which we live


We regard ethics in journalism as priority. We follow the principles outlined in the Society of Professional Journalist’s Code of Ethics.


Focus’ beats were designed with LBC in mind. Each beat corresponds with specific topics of study through LBC, providing pointed communication to each person in our target demographic.

Culture: Entertainment, Arts, Media, WPA, Communication
Religion: Ministry, Theology
Justice: Social Work, Counseling
Sports: Athletics, Sports Management
LBC: Undergrad, Student Life, Alumni, Staff, Lancaster
U.S.: Politics, Education, Business
International: Politics, Education, Business
Opinion: Editorials, Letter-to-the-Editor


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