Anticipated Releases in 2019

By Moriah Story Much like last year, 2019 promises to be a year full of long-awaited films and albums. The odds are high that no one will be disappointed in the abundance of fresh music and movies that are on the way. Here are six of the most anticipated releases of 2019. Avengers: Endgame When Avengers: Infinity War was released, it left many Marvel fans speechless. This was the franchise’s most anticipated movie, and it certainly lived up to everyone’s expectations. The ending of Infinity War stirred up many questions and theories concerning the future of the Avengers. At last, … Continue reading Anticipated Releases in 2019

NFC Wildcard Weekend: St. Nick Makes A Return

Dylan Faulds LANCASTER, Pa. – January 2, 2019 What a final week of the NFL season! It brought triumph for some teams and heartbreak for others. While most of the NFC’s playoff teams had spots secured before the final week of the season, two in particular had to viciously fight for a spot: the Eagles and the Vikings. The Vikings had the easier of the two paths: either they would win their game against the Bears, or the Eagles would lose to the Redskins. The Eagles and Doug Peterson, however, needed a little help from Matt Nagy’s Bears. As the … Continue reading NFC Wildcard Weekend: St. Nick Makes A Return