Review: “Daring to Hope” by Katie Davis

By Emma Lown, For Focus

Compelling, encouraging and convicting describe Katie Davis’ second best-selling novel, “Daring to Hope.”

Katie Davis, author of “Kisses From Katie,” released her second novel in 2017. Davis is a missionary who lives in Uganda and has adopted thirteen girls into her family. Davis recently gave birth to a son after marrying her husband, Benji Majors. In 2008, Davis started Amazima, an organization that works to empower women while teaching them to make jewelry. Davis is a strong woman of God who aspires to encourage others and show her faith through the trials and joys she faces each day.

“Daring to Hope” includes aspects of Katie Davis’ personal life woven throughout as she shares how God has been working in the people of Uganda and through Amazima. Davis describes how she met her husband and developed their relationship while reassuring readers in their faith, no matter their relationship status. Readers who want to be inspired and challenged should read “Daring to Hope.” It is a worthwhile story that will promote growth and passion for serving God and others.

As a Christian teenager, Davis’ book inspired me to change the world through love and kindness. Her bold faith, endurance and courage continue to influence me as I also strive to be more like Christ. Although Americans face different trials than the tribulations Davis experiences, her relentless faith and love is inspiring to all. Davis’ writing is convicting as it challenged me to reflect on how I treat others. After reading “Daring to Hope,” I feel humbled to serve others more and to put others before myself.

Emma Loan is a communication major at Lancaster Bible College.

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