Audience Reacts to LBC’s “Titanic: The Musical”

By Ashley M. Connor

LANCASTER, Pa. – Recently, Lancaster Bible College performed “Titanic: The Musical” in partnership with Servant Stage. 

Many people came to see the show. LBC students also performed in the show. 

What did viewers think of the musical? 

Kirsten Harrison, majoring in Biblical Studies, stated, “I did really enjoy the musical, but I didn’t like the ending. I mean, yeah, the Titanic is an actual tragedy that happened but still. I looked for something good to end on, and I just felt sad.”  

Despite some misgivings, Harrison said she still enjoyed the show. 

“I would probably go see it again (live on Broadway if given the chance) because I’m a huge fan of musicals,” she said. 

She also enjoyed the acting. 

“I think (the actors) did really well together,” she said. “The only thing I would change would be the clarity of the songs. It was hard to understand what was going on sometimes because either the lyrics were kind of random or hard to hear and comprehend.”  

Sandy Connor, the mother of an LBC student (the writer of this article), also appreciated the acting. 

“I was impressed because I wasn’t expecting such a professional production,” she said. “The actors, wardrobe, and screenplay, in my opinion, were Broadway worthy. What a gift to expose so many whom may not otherwise experience such an art cultural event. It was evident that so many gave so much of their time purely for the love of the art.”  

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