The Dream Team

By Garyd Martin, Academic Mentor

Everyone has heard a cheesy quote about how you become like the people you spend time with. These quotes are generally used regarding someone’s social life and close friends. However, intentionally surrounding yourself with the right people proves valuable in all aspects of life.


Have you ever been drowned in questions after telling someone you are a college student? What school do you go to? What is your major? When will you graduate?… But the big question always is, “What is your post-graduation plan?” For many college students, this question causes a lot of stress and uncertainty because what you plan to do after college is not something that should be decided overnight. Finding what Larry Rohrer calls “trusted advisers” in your life can ease this stress and help give you direction. Surround yourself with one or two people who can share their experiences and give you guidance in discovering God’s vocational calling, and it will go a long way. So ask yourself: what professionals in your field of study do you trust to help you identify where God can best use you for his glory?


Google defines extracurricular as “(of an activity at a school or college) pursued in addition to the normal course of study.” Sometimes college students get so involved in extracurriculars that they forget they are enrolled in classes. Classes can be difficult, stressful and time consuming. What does it look like to reach your full potential? Without surrounding yourself with the right people, reaching your top potential is next to impossible. Each course will have its ups and downs, so have a plan for the tough times. Part of this plan is having people around you who can help. The Ally Center is a great resource for your academic, writing or disability needs. Beyond the Ally Center, you should surround yourself with classmates and friends who are willing to help. If you have someone in each class to ask questions and study with, you will more easily achieve your best work. Knowing where and when to ask for help is a key step to succeeding in the classroom.

Social life, career path, and academics are only a few of the aspects of your life that can benefit from trusted advisors. Do you have a spiritual mentor in your life? Someone who can hold you accountable and help you wrestle with tough questions? What about succeeding on the sports field, or on the stage? Take a few minutes to ask yourself: who should you ask to come alongside your journey?


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