LBC and Lancaster Barnstormers Celebrate Faith and Family Night

By Caroline Majeski

On Friday, September 8, Lancaster Bible College and the Lancaster Barnstormers partnered together to bring students and the community a Faith and Family night at the ballpark.  Students of LBC were offered free tickets to the game where they were entertained by not only a minor league baseball game, but also were given the opportunity to engage their faith with the community.

The event at Clipper Magazine Stadium, allowed faculty, students, and alumni to all, be involved in various portions of the evening. Before the game, LBC Student Body President Molly Arnold threw the first pitch to start the night off. Recent graduate Mariah Keener sang “America The Beautiful.”

LBC students and faculty also listened to the testimonies of several members of the Barnstormers following the game. Several members shared the impact that team chaplain and Senior Vice President of Student Experience Josh Beers had on their lives. Being on a sports team in a secular environment can be challenging but provides many opportunities to be a light.

Speaking of the night, Resident Director and LBC graduate Ben Lynch said, “[

I]t was encouraging to hear how Josh Beers has impacted them, how God has worked in their lives, and how a small group of them as Christians meet together in an accountability time.”

For LBC students, this was a great opportunity to hear about Beer’s ministry with the Barnstormers as well as the work God is doing in our area through sports.

LBC has been participating in Faith and Family Night for several years now, and it has consistently brought out a large crowd of people from LBC.  Faith and Family night has proven to be a fun night for students and faculty to connect outside of school and engage in the Lancaster community.

Photo Credit: Phyllis Jean Lehman


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