The Abandoned Theaters of New York

By Lucas Vandergriff

New York holds a charm that so many are drawn to. Millions of dollars are spent each year to journey into this historical city. The magnets in this city cannot be summed up into a single genre, but rather a plethora of sub genres. The fashion, the history, the music, the opportunity, the sites. However, there are a few people who are drawn to New York to explore the abandoned buildings and nothing more.

Perhaps you can relate to the urge to explore abandoned buildings and see beautiful theaters that once held thousands of people seeking entertainment on a dark and stormy night. If so, here are five abandoned theaters to check out. Along with each theater, I have included a brief description of an iconic story that surrounds these eerie places of quality cinema.

Belasco Theater

Originally built as a Broadway theater in 1902, Belasco Theater was owned by David Belasco, who now is said to wander the lobby after midnight. This theater holds extra charm because it still holds the occasional show.

Loew’s 46th St. Theater

Built in 1927, this theatre is abandoned, and for good reason. The building is still for sale, but no one cares to purchase a mess of ghost stories, murder tales, and things that go bump in the night.

Kings Theater on Flatbush

Built in 1929, the size of this theatre was one of the largest for its time. Holding over 3,000 people, Kings Theater was a power house for the talking pictures that began to surface during this time. It was recently purchased for $93 million. The theater is said to now be open for business, but several workers died during the reconstruction of the theater. Workers have been said to have hung themselves from balconies and multiple injuries have occurred during the rebuilding process.

Keith-Albee Theater

Built in 1928, this theater opened on Christmas Day. With few legends surrounding the it, even the ghosts seem to have abandoned the theater. However, the reason for its closing is quite a story. The riots during the 1960s caused business to be absent in Queens and eventually the theater became a breeding ground for riots. The damage done to the theater was too great to repair. Closed in 1987, it is now set to be demolished for further development of the area.

Abandoned Drive-in Movie Theater

This theater is not located in New York but in Centralia, PA. The entire town of Centralia holds an eeriness. The town is said to be abandoned, but people claim to have seen children and adults carrying supplies into houses. The drive-in theatre lies on the outskirts of town, but this entire town feels like the setting of a horror movie.

If you enjoy exploring abandoned buildings and admiring old architecture, I would encourage you to use the tool below. You can create a radius of miles that will show you all known abandoned locations within that area. Happy Hunting.







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