Three Ways to Overcome the Frustration of Writing

By Noah Davis, Writing Mentor

Is writing your least favorite aspect of college?

Welcome to the club. You’re joining hosts of other college students who’d rather sit through a cavity filling than write an academic paper. Some students feel they are bad writers, while others just can’t figure out what that three-page-Soden prompt even means. Creative writers and journalers aren’t really at home in academic writing either; formatting and formal language can be tedious and confusing—just a complete bother! For whatever reason, if you hate writing, you are not alone. Check out these three ways to overcome the frustration of writing.

Remember: Writing is from God

Writing is actually more important at LBC than it is at any other college or university. “But why? I’m studying to be a pastor [or ministry leader, coach or missionary]!” The answer, as it so often is at Bible College, is the Bible. The central focus of all our lives is the Bible, and God chose for His chief communication to be the written Word. Even if you aren’t planning to write about the Bible itself, it has been repeatedly shown that writing improves reading comprehension. While many of us are only used to thinking of “reading comprehension” in terms of an annoying academic phrase, the implications when turning it towards our spiritual life can be shocking. Now, all those seemingly pointless exercises in school can actually be applied to reading the Bible and improving our understanding of God’s Living Word.

Write about your passions

One of the best ways to come to enjoy writing (or at least make it a doctor appointment, not a dentist) is to write about something you love. “But,” you say, “I have to do a lab write-up about quantum mechanics. Snooze fest.” Well, there is always something interesting in every topic. It may be cliché to say, but looking at the intricacy and mystery of God’s creation is a great way to honor God. Try to bring that perspective into your lab report. Voilà! You’ve got yourself an act of worship. Or maybe you have to write an Old Testament paper but you are all about Paul. You are in good hands! Paul was writing about the Old Testament too! Like Paul, try to bridge the gap between the Old Testament and today.

Utilize the Writing Center

Perhaps it isn’t that you are bored, but that you are unfamiliar with writing, or you don’t feel skilled at it. Perhaps the prompt and subject are so convoluted you can’t even imagine where to start. Research might be daunting, or you just don’t have time. The Writing Center can help with that.

The Writing Center exists to help you. Even if all you have is a prompt, we can help. Sometimes a big part of what we do is assist students in organizing their thoughts. Or if you have half your essay written and don’t know where to go from there, we can help stir your thoughts to finish the paper. Even if writing is not your strength, you still have fantastic ideas. God has designed you in a way that you think uniquely from everyone else. No matter how bad you think your writing is, it never reflects on your intelligence. My favorite part about working at the Writing Center is not helping students who have beautiful writing; it is always helping students with beautiful ideas and passions. We will help you organize and draw out those ideas and passions and get them on paper. Writing is an act of worship, and we would love to help you in this endeavor!


Click here to schedule an appointment with the Writing Center:



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