5 Road Trip Destinations for the Movie Lover

Movies have the wonderful ability to evoke certain emotions through visual imagery alone, but sometimes visiting the filming locations can give you new insight into a film. Here are five movies filmed in Pennsylvania in case you are looking for a cinematic pilgrimage.

The Village

Location: Chadds Ford, PA

Distance: 1 hour from LBC

Some may argue, but I believe this to be the film that put M. Night Shyamalan on the map. The film developed a cult following almost immediately and has split its audience down the middle ever since.

If you are a die-hard fan of “The Village,” then I encourage you to visit the open fields of Chadds Ford to feel the inspiring fear of the bad color this film created.

That Thing You Do

Location: Erie, PA

Distance: 5 hours from LBC

If you are up for a road trip and find yourself in love with Tom Hanks, this movie is a must. It’s a lively, upbeat tale in which luck, talent and chance all play a part. Hanks presents the upside of making it in the music business, including the adrenaline rush of hearing one’s own song on the radio for the first time as well as all the hoopla that surrounds those who happen to be in the spotlight.

Erie evokes the same feelings as the film. This town is filled with small antique stores, coffee shops, and pure nostalgia. If you do not have the desire to take a road trip, I think a viewing of this classic work from Tom Hanks will awaken your determination to take a little weekend adventure.

The Visit

Location: 3049 Merlin Road, Chester Springs

Distance: 1 hour from LBC

“The Visit” is another newer classic by M. Night Shyamalan. Full of jump scares and packed with psychological horror, “The Visit” is perfect for those looking for a thrill. The address partnered with this film is the location of the house where it was filmed. If you have seen the film then seeing the location will hold an eeriness that will add to the experience of future viewings.


Location: Bucks County

Distance: 1.5 hours from LBC

If you haven’t seen this classic, I heavily encourage you to catch up with it. “Signs” revolves around crop circles, but that doesn’t make it the average alien movie. Unlike most alien movies, this film combines comedy, faith, family, humor, and horror all in one package. If you have not seen this movie, contact me and I will gladly introduce you to this fantastic film. If you want to feel like you are in the movie, just take a quick trip to Bucks County and you can see where the film was made.

The Houses October Built

Location: Road trip

Distance: Depends on your bravery

This film is not based in PA. However, I cannot complete this road trip article without mentioning a Halloween classic. If you enjoy attending haunted attractions during the fall, you may enjoy this film. This film uses the found footage genre to wonder what it would be like if haunted attractions were actually haunted. Below is a map of the various locations where the movie was filmed, if you want to make your road trip a little bit spooky.

9.1.17 halloween

(Image from www.geeksofdoom.com)


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