Spider-man: Homecoming Review

By Carissa Vietti

Spoiler Free

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” This quote from Sam Raimi’s version of Spider-man must have been weighing heavily on the mind of Marvel executives and Director Jon Watts during the opening night of Spider-man: Homecoming. Thankfully, Marvel Studios have nothing to worry about. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 93%, and an opening weekend of 117 million dollars domestically, this rebooted Spider-man universe is unlikely to go away anytime soon, to my great delight.

Without a doubt, “Homecoming” is one of the greatest Spider-man movies to date; on par with the nostalgic favorite “Spider-man 2.” Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, portrays the youngest version of the character to date. Peter is a fifteen-year-old boy in high school, trying desperately to prove to Tony Stark that he is worthy of being an Avenger. Holland brings a sense of naivety and awkward charm to the role that, until this point, has not been seen in the Spidey suit. In this version, Peter is just trying to figure out his powers, how to control them and use them for good, and it works in a delightfully entertaining way.

While Holland carries the movie, it would suffer if he did not have friends by his side.  Ned (played by Jacob Batalon) is the Star Wars loving best friend who, upon discovering Peter’s secret, encourages him to use his powers to woo Peter’s crush, Liz (played by Laura Harrier). The larger cast also includes familiar faces such as Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), who is trying to keep Peter out of trouble by using Happy Hogan (John Favreau) as their middleman. While many hoped (and some feared) that this movie would be Iron Man 4, it is Holland’s movie through and through as RDJ is only in a handful of scenes.

Perhaps the most refreshing aspect of this reboot is the movie’s villain. Adrian Toombs (Michael Keaton), also known as the vulture, is a blue-collar worker just trying to provide for his family by any means necessary. Keaton brings a relatability to his character that is rare among Marvel movies. However, his relatability does not mean he is not terrifying at times.

This movie is filled with enough Easter eggs, cameos, and jokes to keep you wildly entertained for its two-hour run time. Despite the flaws this movie has with the timeline of the larger MCU films and the fact that the action feels small compared to previous Spider-man films, “Homecoming” rises above its flaws and leaves you hungry for more. Don’t forget to wait patiently for the end credit scenes; they are worth the wait.

Carissa Vietti is a 21-year-old junior at Lancaster Bible College, studying Social Work. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and hanging out with friends in her spare time.


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