Election Reactions: The Millennials

Written by Jenna Sliwinski

The election took place last Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Since the vote has been counted and the winner declared, we have seen outraged masses protesting the victory of President-elect Donald Trump. It seems that the biggest group of protestors is the Millennials or Generation Z as they are often referred to.

First, Millennials took to expressing their rage on social media. There were a few interesting reactions to the election that showed up on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and Yik Yak, as well as other platforms. Many expressed their outrage, concerns, and their doubts about America. The social media rants quickly turned into vocal rants, and eventually those rants moved out onto the streets.

In an article from Al Jazeera, it was reported that several students and twenty-somethings had seriously believed that the election would have a different result. So many were heartbroken and angry that their favored candidate did not win the Presidency, in what was many Millennials  first election.

Several news sources reported that college campuses were being sympathetic toward students and their feelings over Tuesday’s “disaster,” as many referred to it. It remains to be seen what the Millennial response will continue to be, especially as the riots, violence, and anger continue to become prevalent.

While there were many Millennials who were thrilled with the victory of President-elect Donald Trump, the world has only been able to see what those who disagree with President-elect Trump’s victory are feeling. As the next few weeks unfold, the reaction of the rest of the nation will become known, but for now the cries of the Millennials are still being heard.











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