The Clinton Email Case

By Jesse Rice

The FBI have reopened the Clinton email investigation.

On Friday, October 28, FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress stating the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails had reopened. The letter declared that an unrelated investigation uncovered new evidence that could pertain to the Clinton case. The new evidence arrived in the form of confiscated emails from the investigation of former Congressman Anthony Weiner. So far, the FBI have not stated whether the emails held information relevant to the Clinton case.

Director Comey’s actions have been criticized from many angles. Before Director Comey sent the letter, Justice Department staff advised him that his action was against department policy. Sending the letter at this point in time would interfere with the election, they said. After the letter was sent, Secretary Clinton’s campaign decried it as overly vague. Secretary Clinton herself commented, “Voting is underway, so the American people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately” (CNN). Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate Bill Weld also called out the vagueness of the FBI’s letter, saying it “provided no ‘evidentiary basis’ for the decision to update their investigation” (Boston). Even Republicans felt the action was unwise. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley called the letter “not fair to Congress, the American People, or Secretary Clinton” (CBS News).

Director Comey defended his actions by stating that though the FBI does not normally tell Congress about ongoing investigations, “I feel an obligation to do so given that I testified repeatedly in recent months that our investigation was completed” (Washington Post). Law enforcement officials believe he acted at such an unconventional time to avoid “being accused of hiding relevant information before the election” (CNN).

Whatever the intent, the announcement has produced a definite shift in the polls. Prior to the Director’s letter, Secretary Clinton led Mr. Trump in the polls by nearly six percent. After the letter, Secretary Clinton’s lead has dropped considerably, with some polls even stating Mr. Trump has a slight lead (Five Thirty Eight). Since the release, Mr. Trump’s odds of winning continued to rise until November 4, where they have begun to level off.

The Presidential Election is now a mere few days off. With early voting taking place, people are already voting for their preferred candidate. When Tuesday arrives, America will choose her new President. Will it be Secretary Clinton? Will it be Mr. Trump? America, the choice is yours. Choose wisely.




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