Taxing Debate Aftermath

Bernie Sanders releases 2014 taxes in response to a challenge from Hillary Clinton. 

Written by Lydia Williams

On Friday Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane released their 2014 federal tax returns, showing a combined income of $205,000, after weeks of pressure to do so.

According to USA Today, the Sanders paid $27,653 in federal income taxes and $7,903 in Vermont income taxes in 2014. The majority of their income came from Sanders’ Senate salary and Social Security benefits.

This offered more background on the couple’s finances including charitable gifts of $8,350, according to USA Today.

Releasing Sander’s tax returns fulfilled his pledge during Thursday’s heated Democratic debate with rival Hillary Clinton. Clinton challenged Sanders to release more tax return information, according to CNN.

Clinton said, “I’ve released 30 years of tax returns. And I think every candidate, including Sen. Sanders and Donald Trump, should do the same.”

According to ABC News, Clinton is the only major-party presidential candidate who has released several years of full tax returns.

The Clintons released their 2014 tax returns in July, revealing that the couple received just over $28 million in 2014, according to USA Today.

According to ABC News, Sanders has criticized Clinton, contrasting his modest wealth with her multi-million dollar income, with a significant portion coming from paid speeches to corporate and interest groups.

In announcing he would release his tax return, Sanders said no one should get excited about them. Like other members of Congress, Sanders is required to report his personal finances annually, according to USA Today.

According to CNN, Sanders said the delay of the release was because his wife usually does their taxes but had been busy with him on the campaign trail.


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